Weekly Devotional


Our creator has not promised Sun without Rain, Joy without Sorrow, Peace without pain.

BUT our creator has promised Strength for a day. Joy without Sorrow,  Strength for a day. Rest for the labour, Light for the way, Grace for the trials, Help from above, Unfailing sympathy, Undying Love - Author Unknown

 From The Friendship book-2001

THIS “Creed” was said to have been written in New Zealand by a keen walker called A. H. Reed:
“I believe in the gospel of work, of laughter of goodwill to men; In the power of choice between good and evil, of reaping what we sow;
In life beyond and the imperishability of character and thought; In the evolution of soul; In God, the all-good, all-wise and ever present;
And in Jesus Christ who revealed him to us. With supreme confidence I believe in the reunion of loving hearts in the hereafter.” A fine creed to live be, surely.
- Francis Gay

No one realises the fullness of God’s love as do those who suffer, yet in faith believe.

Remember: only what you give can God multiply back. If you give nothing even if God were to multiply it, it would still be nothing.
-Oral Roberts

Word For Today ..
‘‘Those who look to Him are radiant with joy; their faces shall never be ashamed.’
~Psalm 34:5~
- There is something different about people who are trusting the Lord. - As we trust in Him, something about the way we look changes.
- Instead of despair and hopelessness, there is confidence and joy. - Don’t look at your circumstances, but look to Him and He will lift you up.
PRAYER: Lord, I lift up my eyes, above the troubles that are around me, and I look to You. You are my hope, You are my salvation and You are the One Who comes and lifts up my head. Amen.
-Pastor Andrew Roebert-