13 November 2020

PASTORAL LETTER No. 30 :6 November 2020

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6 November 2020

Dear Family and friends of the Berea Congregational Church,

Friends I come to the end of the first week in November realising that it’s time to start making preparations for Christmas. In some respects I feel that time has passed by quickly, but as I look back on the past seven months under Covid-19 restrictions, reality hits me and I know that for most people it has dragged by awfully slowly. So don’t let’s look back but contemplate the approach of Christmas.  It goes without saying that it will be like no other Christmas that has gone before. This should bring with it new and exciting opportunities possibilities to be creative.

So in spite of this, I really do hope that all of us will find ways of preparing for Christmas with excitement, remembering that we celebrate the birth of our Saviour Jesus. Perhaps this year because circumstances are so different, we will not get caught up in the usual mad rush that is so often the case at this season. Let’s find our joy in the wonder of God’s love for us. That He was prepared to be born into our world in the form of a baby, as Emanuel – God with us, ultimately to give His life for our salvation, and for us to be able to live life in a meaningful and blest way. Let it be a time to focus on our relationships with family and friends, and sharing our love and appreciation for them.

Another big thank you to Musa and her team for raising much needed funds through the sale of clothing. To all those who were able to prepare gifts  for the children at Siyabathanda’s Christmas party on Saturday 5th December a sincere thank you and also to Mandy for organising it so well.

The leadership of the church will be holding their final meetings of the year next week and I will give you an update on plans for the future. So please pray that God will guide us as we seek to know His will for the church.     

May God bless and protect you and your loved ones,

A Special Birthday Wish for a special lady, Patty Jago who will be celebrating her

 94th birthday on the 10th November.


06   Mavis Els          031 208 1507

07   Zaba Gumede  084 976 0805

08   Monique Usher 083 606 0608

10   Patty Jago        084 353 9953

11   Penny Fabian   083 445 84 39

11   Gugu Mqadi     082766 9905                                              

           The Secret of Living

As a gift, I recently got a cute blue birthday album with a motto on every page. One of the mottoes read:

“To live is to accept what you cannot avoid to make the best of it to refuse to go to pieces because of suffering

If we can make this secret our own, we will go through life much easier. Often we struggle for years to change things that cannot be changed at all.

We try to change our husbands or children as we want them to be, rather than to accept them as they are. We balk at the barbs of unchangeable things such as a disability or a chronic illness – we refuse to accept that the Lord wants to use us in the situation and at the place where we are at this moment, because we rather want to serve him in the mission field or another place of our choice.

How great it will be merely to accept the things that we cannot change. And not only to accept them, but to make the best of them! If only we could learn to handle our rebellious children with so much love that they will have to react to it; to use losses positively by encouraging others who must entertain a similar experience; to work through our illnesses in such a manner that other people who look at us will stand in awe and will know that we are different because we worship a great God.

Lastly, we could learn not to go to pieces because of suffering. When times are tough, we can ask God to help us one day at a time. He is with each one of his children, from birth to old age. He promises to enfold each person who suffers with his arms of love.

Are you having a difficult time now? When your burden becomes too much, you can place your troubles on God’s shoulders with confidence – because his yoke is easy and his burden is light. Also when you cannot understand the things that are happening to you, you can still hold onto God and know: he is always there, he will carry you when you can no longer walk by yourself.

‘Let us accept

what we cannot change.

It is the first step on the road

to the light from the darkness

which overcame us

so quickly’

-Saul Bellow-

Taken from:

Safe in God’s Hand a collection Written by Nina Smit

This excerpt is used by permission of

Struik Christian Media


Teach my today to accept the things I cannot change;

more so, help me to make the best of it,

to change each of my weaknesses into strengths,

so that you can achieve your goal with my life.

Thank you that suffering will never get the better of me,

because I know for sure that when I suffer,

I have you with me.

You promise never to leave me, to assist me and carry me,

to take my burden on your shoulders,

never to tempt me above my strengths,

but to give me the outcome

with the temptation,

so that I will be able to handle it.

Please do this for me.


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