You can serve by joining any of the ministries. Your input will be much appreciated!

Children’s and Teen’s Church

You can serve by helping to make the church relevant to young people.

Music Ministry- Choir & Band

Morning services: We have a small choir that is led by our talented organist and choir master David Daniels. It is amazing how he can achieve such a lovely sound from so few people. If you enjoy singing and would like to audition please let us know. We would love to have a big choir singing praises to God.

Evening services feature a Band that consists of a Worship leader, guitarists, singers, drummer and a pianist who regularly bring the congregation into the presence of God with the more modern style of worship music. We are also looking for new members! Contact Rod on 083 2821678 for details.

Communications Ministry

You can help by supplying content for the monthly newsletter, the weekly pew bulletin or the website. Any letter, story, picture or thought is welcome!

Community Ministry

There are various ways to spread the gospel!
  • Old Aged Ministry serving residents of Robert Storm House and Lucas Gardens
  • Siyabathanda Orphanage in Noordsberg near Tongaat is our main outreach and we have gone from an informal home to having it officially registered!
  • Pro Nutro Ministry which raises funds to buy the porridge for children with HIV-Aids

Dedicated worship

You can help by being part of the
  • Intercessory Prayer Group at Overport on Tuesdays 10:45
  • Bible Study at Overport on Tuesdays 9:15
  • Early Praise and Prayer Meeting at Musgrave on Wednesdays 6:30
  • Home Groups
  • Alpha
  • Services at various Retirement Homes during the month

Fundraising Ministry

You can serve by initiating and executing strategic fundraising to sustain outreach projects. We have regular Second-hand sales of household goods, books, toys and clothing.

Healing Ministry

Counselling, care, hospital visits to members in need.

Management Ministry

Help by keeping the church operational. This involves planning for the day-to-day as well as future needs (Deacons); maintenance of church property; and financial planning to ensure income and expenditure balance.

Men and Women’s Groups

  • Ladies Guild: a monthly meeting at Overport
  • Women's Association: a monthly meeting at Musgrave
  • Lavender Gardens Tea Garden has fresh homemade cakes in a lovely setting and provides an income for unemployed members – Overport on Friday mornings

Singles Fellowship

On the second Saturday evening of each month a group of single folk from the church get together to share a meal and enjoy fellowship. We have lots of fun and share many trips down memory lane. The food is always good too!

Worship services

Help by serving at the door (Stewards); providing flowers (Flower Ministry); playing in the band (Music Ministry); or providing tea after services (Tea Ministry). The Evening Worship Ministry features the band and a mix of modern and traditional music.